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Go to http://www.commongrace.org.au/16_days_of_prayer to enrol

A daub of ash on the forehead

Why do people rush to embrace their mortality by inviting the church to smudge their foreheads with ash and dust. 

For the faithful and the questing, this act enables reflection on the inevitability of death, and further, rather than a thing of dread, the realisation that our mortality when integrated into the Christian journey and the Way of Jesus becomes a resource for spiritual depth and the new life anticipated at Easter. Stillness, prayer, reflection leads to the wider appreciation of how a seed dies and is buried in order to germinate, sprout and grow, yielding yet more fruit

Next Wednesday, March 5, 7.30 pm opens the joint 2014 Lenten Journey for the Church of Christ and Uniting Church at Wembley Downs.

A tip on prayer requests

ImageFrom time to time we receive prayer requests. Sometimes, detailed intercessions are posted anonymously on our pages. It is good to pray for one another – the Christian tradition right back to the Apostle Paul encourages it.

In this public forum, however, discretion is required. A combination of state law and good pastoral practice do not allow the publishing of names and private details without the express written permission of the person involved. You will understand that there are good “duty of care” reasons for this. Accordingly we must remove posts that breach these guidelines.

If you wish to seek prayer or pastoral guidance privately, however, we invite you to use the email address on our “Contact” page. In this way your privacy protection and discretion are assured. 

What Happens at Meditation?

This is the most frequent question asked about Tuesday nights at The Downs. Check out Sacred Spaces for some answers. We start again in the new term, Tuesday, April 24th, 7.30 pm.