We are committed to Reconciliation and the reconciliation process.  We acknowledge and respect the traditional custodians of the land on which we worship.  We recognise the spiritual and cutural gifts that indigenous people have to offer. We seek to listen and learn in order to be better equipped in a ministry which embraces Respect, Responsibility and Opportunity.

Mentored by Reconciliation Australia, we are committed to developing and implementing a Reconciliation Action Plan.  More details will follow soon.


What do we know about racism in Australia?  This article by Charlie Pickering is well worth reading and thinking about.  It goes some small way towards providing an understanding of why many in our indigenous population still hurt when confronted by the most innocent of comments.  It helps sometimes to be reminded of the historical context in which we live.


1 thought on “Reconciliation

  1. Denis Ladbrook May 2, 2012 — 4:34 pm

    A very welcome advance in Australia’s humanity is currently being addressed through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), in which Australia takes some steps toward where the Scandinavians were 25 years ago. Rather than criticizing previous Australian governments for their neglect, let’s rejoice in and support the bi-partisan agreement to start the scheme in 14 months’ time. I consider that providing these needed resources is more important than skimming services for the sake of a ‘surplus’.

    Let our presence and pressure come to bear so that new generations are no longer marginalised into poverty by accidents of genetics or birth, but are able to share the ‘Fair Go’ Australia prides itself in.

    Denis Ladbrook
    2 May, 2012

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