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Palm Sunday: come walking with us

Wondering Pilgrim

Palm Sunday marches – what do they achieve?
Hear Perth’s Fr Chris and come and join us in Perth (1pm at St George’s Cathedral) or at one near where you live.

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Lenten Voices: Boundaries for freedom

Wondering Pilgrim

WP_002955Over the recent two decades, management boards of not-for-profit community organisations have been adopting the Carver model of governance and administration.

The core principle of this model of management is to set boundaries within which the organisation and its personnel may operate. Rather than prescribing in detail what must be done to achieve set goals and objectives, the system adopts a “negative” discourse of directives that nevertheless opens the way for creative imagination and fluidity.

For example; “thou shalt not” spend more than $x on this project without recourse to the board, but you have complete freedom to use that budget line as you see fit towards its intended purpose.

Or “thou shalt not” hire more people than what our budget line allows, but within that ratio you have complete liberty to hire as you see fit for the organisation’s purpose.

This saved boards from hours of tedious micro-management and…

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Lenten voices: a cry of despair becomes a shout of triumph

Wondering Pilgrim

Psalm 22: Jesus’ cry from the cross echoes a universal lament – the lonely beginning works toward a triumphant conclusion

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