Monthly Archives: October 2012

Q & A at Wembley Downs

The “Q” was supplied by that veteran crafty quizmaster- John Beard

The assorted “A” was offered by the rest of us – about 90 stalwarts, friends, family and neighbours of the Downs Church

A great night was had by all and a good sum was raised for local YouthCare chaplaincy

Sizzler for Luita St Fair YouthCare Stall

Only shade and little escape from the heat of the first really hot day of the season   did little to discourage volunteers manning the Churchlands YouthCare Council stall at the annual Luita Street Fair today.

The sale of books, homemade cakes, slices, biscuits and jams goes a long way to the churches’ funding share of YouthCare chaplaincy at our local high school.

Dot Anderton

We receive news today of the passing from this life of Dot Anderton at the age of 102. Dot was a keenly interested and loyal member of this congregation. Well done, good and faithful servant.

Anniversary Greetings from Cusco

On this church’s 47th anniversary, Robyn Quintana sends greetings and a big thank you from her hospital patients in Cusco.